From the Outside In


Everyone can see the outward changes that have happened to me over the last year.  It is very evident that I have lost a considerable amount of weight.  What is more amazing to me are the test results I got back this week from a physical exam.  I took the same exact exam in April of 2016 and the results of that exam are what prompted me to change my eating habits.  In April, my LDL Cholesterol was off the charts, My Triglycerides were 473mg/dl, and my A1C was 11.9 to name a few of the major problems that stood out.  My exam results from February of 2017 show I am almost in perfect health.  My LDL is now 111 (normal), My Triglycerides is 60mg/dl (normal) and my A1C is steady at 5.1 (again normal)  In April my Weight was 260lbs, and my BMI was 38.3 and my pulse was 100bbp.  This month, my weight is 192lbs, my BMI is 28.3 and my pulse was 64.

I have put together my results here that highlight the difference from April to February.  All the following charts on the left are from April 2016, the charts on the right from February 2017.

If you have not seen my story about my physical changes, you can read them by clicking here.






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