Starting Weight:263 pounds
Current Weight:186 pounds
Starting Waist Size:44"
Current Waist Size:33"

How much did you lose (pounds, inches, dress/pants size)?

So far I have lost 75lbs total.  When I started, I wore a 44 pant size and a 54 sport coat.  I am now down to 32 pants and 42-44 coat size.  My A1C is now normal as well.

What made you decide to get your Life Restored?

When my dad got killed unexpectedly in a car accident in July of 2015, I had to take over his affairs and part of that was learning the importance of life insurance.  I tried to get a policy on me and was told I weighed too much.  I visited a doctor in June of 2016 and was told I had diabetes and needed to lose 30lbs or I was going to die early and not be there for my kids.  I began my journey on July 9th 2016.

What top three changes have you noticed since joining your Life Restored?

I would say first change I have noticed was not getting winded playing with my kids.  Before when I was carrying around my extra weight I would tire very easily.  Secondly, I do not snore anymore and my sleep apnea doesn’t exist anymore either.  Thirdly, I am more aware of what my loved ones are doing and habits they are developing.  Trying to instill in my kids the healthy habits I have learned has become a top priority.



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